Past Faculty Members

Past faculty members, with titles reflecting their position while they taught in the program, include:

Magazine Media

Christina Albee, former General Manager, Marketing Solutions, Condé Nast Media Group

Jordan Bitterman, former Senior Vice President, Media, Marketing, and Content, Digitas

Ta-Nehisi Coates, Senior Editor, The Atlantic

Josh Cohen, Senior Business Product Manager, Media and Publisher Advertising Platforms, Google

Scott Dadich, Editor-in-Chief, Wired, former Vice President, Editorial Platforms and Design, Condé Nast

Mark Edmiston, Founder and former CEO, Nomad Editions

James Fallows, National Correspondent, The Atlantic

Pamela Fiori, former Editor-in-Chief, Town and Country Magazine

Roberta Garfinkle, former Senior Vice President/Director of Print Strategy, TargetCast

Jack Griffin, former President, National Media Group, Meredith Corporation

Nick Grudin, Strategic Partner Development Manager, Facebook

Morgan Guenther, President/CEO, Next Issue Media

Kim Kelleher, former President, SAY Media

Josh Klenert, former Vice President and Creative Director, Clear Channel Radio

Kelly Maloni, Executive Director, Product Development, New York Media

Pam McCarthy, Deputy Editor, The New Yorker

Jane Nicholls, former Editor-in-Chief, People, Time Inc.

Monica Ray, Executive Vice President, Consumer Marketing, Condé Nast

Paul Saffo, Managing Director, Foresight, Discern Analytics

Matt Sanchez, CEO and Co-Founder, SAY Media

Gabriel SnyderEditor, The Atlantic Wire

Bob Sauerberg, President, Condé Nast

Kenneth Sheldon, Executive Director, Audience Development, New York Media

Michael Silberman, General Manager, Digital Media,

Shawn Waldron, Archive Director, Condé Nast

Peter Westerman, former Senior Vice President, Audience Marketing, Ziff Davis Enterprises

2015 Magazine Media Faculty

Book Publishing

Patricia Arancibia, former Editorial Director, International Digital Content, Barnes & Noble

Michael Cader, Founder/Publisher, Publishers Lunch/

Nicholas Callaway, Chairman/Chief Content Officer, Callaway Digital Arts

Maria Campbell, President, Maria B. Campbell Associates, In.

Sue Fleming, Vice President and Executive Director, Content and Programming, Simon & Schuster Digital

Jeff Gomez, former Vice President, Online Consumer Sales and Marketing, Penguin Group USA

Gail Hochman, President, Brandt & Hochman Literary Agency

Stuart Lawrence, former Senior Vice President, International Sales, Weldon Owen Publishing

Madeline McIntosh, former President of Sales, Digital and Operations, Random House

Charles Melcher, Founder and CEO, Melcher MediaInc.

Brian Napack, former Chief Operating Officer, Macmillan

Michael Pietsch, CEO, The Hachette Book Group

John Sargent, CEO, Macmillan

Evan Schnittman, former Managing Director Group Sales and Marketing, Print and Digital, Bloomsbury Publishing

David Steinberger, President/CEO, The Perseus Book Group

Peter Workman, former President and CEO, Workman Publishing

David Young, former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Hachette Book Group

2015 Book Publishing Faculty